Rules for Bridge card game are quite easy and some of them even come in handy in many ways. It doesn’t require dealing with the entire deck at one go. Deal just one at a time till you become an expert player.

You will soon learn to play the card game better if you understand how to move around the cards to get the most out of each hand. A simple rule for bridge card game will be to look for someone in front of you, who is already dealt out a card. However if you are unsure about it, you can easily ask for advice from the dealer.

Before starting your bet, you must always check whether the dealer has any card left in the deck, or not. If he does have it, then the bet is off, unless the dealer has put all cards up, and you are still not certain about the hand that is in front of you. The rules of bridge game would state that when your opponent has an Ace to the left of you, which is higher than your card to the right, your hand is better than his.

In the bridge game, there is a special rule, which states that if there is a full house, the player on the top would be dealt the Ace first, followed by the King. This rule is useful in case of a tie for the Ace in the middle, as the first player will have to face the worst. When a full house is dealt out, you should be able to either count the number of players or place your bet accordingly. The bridge card game would always go in favor of the player on top, if there are more players at the table.

Bridge card game involves the setting of a certain amount of money on each of the hands. You can bet on any three of the five cards, but it is recommended that you opt for the four and the five-card game, to make sure that you win the highest amount of money when the game ends. It can also be a good idea to put all your money on the Ace and the King of the five, so that if you win, you are sure of getting a lot of money.

You can get some tips regarding the rules of bridge card game from other players or from books that discuss the game. Most of the books will have good tips on playing the game, as well as strategies that will be useful to you in the long run.